RANUNCULACEAE | Ranunculus semiverticillatus, la Flor de Seda

Rizomatous herbaceous perennial with reddish-purple stems, 5- 20 cm high. Leaves to 7 cm across, fleshy, glabrous, divided, forming many, narrow, acute lobes. glaucous-green to reddish-purple. Flowers silky white, occasionally pink,usually solitary, large, 3-5 cm  across on short peduncles, 3 cm long; 5 sepals;10-20 tepals; 50-65 stamens;50-65 pistils.* Flowering in september, to January, are one…

CHENQUE CO FOREST | just turn green

In Chenque co, one of our mountains sorrounding Moquehue. Guess the one i like most. Awaterfall in the heavily wooded dark side of that mountain. Nothofagus pumilio, N. dombeyii and Araucarias desing the canopy in this green gallery.          

SOUTHERN LINES | mythical walls, circles on the ground

  Searching for some circles a friend told me, had a lucky moment. Fitz roy. These walls were visible for the firts time in several days. we know where we are so, feel lucky. Finally find the circles. also you can see themfrom google earth.

FLOWERS FOR ANGELS | growing in war

The main in this blog, is not giving opinion about society, economics or international relations. But we can’t see to other side. may be can’t do anything than a word. Not talking about who is right or wrong. just about the kids. we care about what happen with the ones are in the middle of…

IRIDACEAE | olsynium & sisirynchium against you

May be you have a wrong idea about botanical guides May be something like.. incredible, elegant, full of glamour and style, funny, gorgeous and exceptionally amazing image , envied by the mountain guides (also the birdwatching guides)… true. but just one simple thing can to it knocked down… the southern winds. Any guide as I did, can stay more…

ARAUCARIACEAE | canopy design for our north patagonia forests

Our mixed forests or pure, near the steppe areas. in Moquehue you can see  Nothofagus ( N. pumilio, N. dombeyii, N. antarctica and N. obliqua)sharing the areas from the bottom of the valleys to the timberline in 1700m in the mountains that sorround the valleys. must come to see them  

EARLY DUSK | few hours when you live in a deep valley

in autumn. one thing i miss when i came here to live was to live into an open place, with long dawnings. in five minutes you are in t-shirt but quicky must to search for something else, and head lamp also. but anyway we have some minutes like these. when the sun sets behind El…

CALCEOLARIACEAE | alien species

Calceolaria uniflora non serius comment about,  i know. but… don’t they seem some alien?. ajajajajja!  in twitter they were called trifid, but, well, we can’t say they seem so serious plants.