123620214481059My name is Alejandra Maza, I have 41 and since  8 years ago i live in Moquehue , one of the wonderfull lakes in north patagonia
Study a career in tourism but walking and plants grew slowly later

When i realized how much I enjoyed going  to the mountains… decided to get qualifications as a trekking guide, and began my work as AMULEI SENDERISMO & TREKKING, in the mountains around Moquehue, an natural area with mountains, forests and lakes that belong to Corporacion
417118_365421786822934_455134147_nInterestadual Pulmari.

When i realized how much I liked the plants i saw around…decided to have a grade with my teacher Marcela Ferreyra, who shared her enthusiasm for plants wich grow in the mountains. Learning about plants,  and photography came together: was necessary to record everything i saw To learn, and later to share,  what i saw in the mountain …

528576_478292208869224_1026637138_nWas necessary to share these images…you see, beauty in Patagonia can not be defined in words.




+ INFO | qualifications and others

LET’S TWEET |  @patagonia_flora





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