COMUNICATION | just a forest wifi

it’s about a month i didn’t wrote anything.

i was back to Moquehue. And my internet conection was broken. May sound quite incredible in these days can’t solve something so easy as an internet connection. or anything like an app to post a pair of words.


Movistar is one of the worst services you can imagine. Also the law is not enough to make them give what are you paying for.

My wired internet conection was solved years ago when we, a pair of neighbours asked for it to the goverment. We need to work. We’re guides, or acomodation services owners that need to work. Was a political problem with the local goverment who need to make the desitions about what is going to be given or not. ¬†We’re an undeveloped society. with undeveloped persons making desitions. based in “im the one who decide here what you’ll recive”.

So. finally, yesterday, the only internet conection i have was fixed.

The photos about spring in north patagonia are coming …

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