STAGES FOR PLANTS | last lights over patagonia volcanoes

Travel to patagonia is not just to see and enjoy its incredible flora

To think in our flora is to think in the mountains where  they grow.

Seems, as part of an indivisible system, our volcanos from patagonia, and our flora, evolved together.

So, was neccesary to share these horizons, made of the inner fire from the andes, the spinal column of our mother, and the ice that still bright under the sun

Each night  we enjoy in the mountains, the  under the last lights  these are the horizons in  patagonia.

dusk over sollipulli volcano DUSK OVER SOLLIPULLI VOLCANO

llaima-volcano-patagonia-botanical-tourLLAIMA VOLCANO FROM CHENQUECO, MOQUEHUE

llaima-volcano-from-chenqueco-patagonia-moquehueLLAIMA VOLCANO MINUTES LATER


copahue-volcano-patagonia-botanical-tourCOPAHUE VOLCANO FROM THE HIDDEN LAGOON

llaima-volcano-patagonia-botanical-tourLLAIMA VOLCANO FROM CERRO BANDERA, MOQUEHUE


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