NATURE PHOTOGRAPHERS | time for wilderness, time for technology

Campephilus-magallanicus-nature-photographyAnalogic information about sun, mountains, snow, wind, plants, efforts, joy, turns into pixels, html, kml,  Winter time is for indoors digital work

Winter time is for fixing photographs. study, write here. To learn about technology apps, software. Try one, other, and other till you find the one that works in the way  you need when you’ll be outside


digikam-nature-photography-editionA new linux mint instead of ubuntu till i want to use it again, Everything is clean, removed all old archives, give some order to photographs folders, install packages like digikam for detailed edition and picasa for quickly + big amounts edition. Phatch for the watermarks. LibreOffice for the species-location list that will be transformed through Gv Sig  into geographical information. And  Inkscape for graphics you see in my social media media.

Install-uninstall, download-upload

Sometimes seems in people who spend so much time in the mountains, or any outside areas,  these ways seem to be turned apart.

Several “mountaneers mood” friends have a quite contempt about tech, also have several “geeks” friends that distrut what  wilderness means,  and see all the things to learn there without interest.Araucaria-araucana-patagonia-wilflowers-conifers

May be similar to the eternal analogical | digital musicians dilemma?

i cant just sit and stare when hear drums. The same for digital drums. When was young (younger) began to learn mixing, but really would like to learn with the ones made of leather and wood too.

why not both?

Seems if you became quite wild as happened to me. (nearly a wildling from the other side of the wall. Don’t wear leathers to warm but have similar manners) technology takes other way, far from you.


Sometimes walk for hours, suddenly decide stop and came back, it doesn’t matter if the summit or that place was searching is near. Is just because you “know”  must do it. Specially when  walk alone. That’s  the wildlings  inner sense  “you learn without learning” about “how things work”  in the mountains.

That wildling knowledge, is a kind of key to decode the inner infinite relations between  the components of a system,  complex and unstable as our mountains are.

Absolutely usefull.

no signal in your smartphone

But also learn techniques, learn from the ones that have more experience. and read the theory. Attend courses and get qualifications.


When i go anywhere just to walk, of course i  touch the green button in my tracks . Don’t want my attention for the clock while i’m walking, When i’ll be back at home could see it in a map. use that graphics and stats to compare and design better trails for my clients. Decide which option is better than other, compare the numbers and timings, re-design the trail, or  other options. Get everything in a simple kml archive. and save it in google drive to share also. Acurate and forever.


But outside time is to free  your attention in other system

Attention  its focussed in the perfume of that chaetanthera,  the clouds drowning into the valley, how intense was the wind, which was growing where, where is the sun, how much snow still have the volcanos,  where i wasn’t before to go now.  Or just staring, for joy, or to see the next photographs.

Discovering mode, is an option included in our primalcode.

Touch  the wildling button




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