ASTERACEAE | Mutisias !

mutisia decurrens_ M. decurrens | Rhizomatous, scandent subshrub with branched stems. Leaves 55-100 x 8-20, alternate, sessile, lanceolate, terminating in a large bifid tendril, glabrous on both surfaces or tomentose on the under surface. Capitula large, solitary, apical, with well-developed peduncles; involucre campanulate, 25-38 long, 12-20 ,, wide with numerous bracts in 4-5 series, 10-15 marginal flowers, intense orange, with the ligule 25-40 x 6-10 ; disc flowers numerous with the ligule 10-12mm long.

Mutisia spinosa

M.spinosa | Scandent subshrub with ondulate stems to 2-5m or more. Leaves 4-6 x 2.-3.5m, alternate sissile, elliptic or oval -eliptic, emarginate, cordate, with 1-2 spines near the apex, ocassionally withs several saml marginal teeth, and a single apical tendril. Capitula solitary, terminal, with well developed peduncles;involucre campanulate, 20mm long, 10mm wide, with 5 series of bracts, about 8-10 marginal flowers, pink, occasionaly white, with the ligule 30 x 80 mm, disc flowers numerous, yellow, with the ligule 8-10mm.  Pappus off-white.


In argentina we have 22 species of the genus Mutisia. M. decurrens is a creeping herb, frecuently cultivated in our gardens.

You can find them from the middle of Neuquen province, like the ones you can see in the pics, that where photographed in Lago Alumine, to west in Chubut province.Also in Chile.

The ethnobotanical use is to shoothe rheumatic pain.

Our Reina Mora (Purple queen) have a more extense area in its distribution, from the same place in the north to Santa Cruz province.

They prefer the ecotone areas, transition between the forest, and the steppe, climbed to Radal (Lomatia hirsuta), Berberis ssp., Maiten (Maytenus boaria), and Caña Colihue (Chusquea culeou) that grow shorther than in the forests area.





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