COMPOSITAE | Leucheria candidissima

Leucheria-candidissima-patagonia-wildflowersSmall, acaulous, rosetted, rhizomatous perennial herb. Leaves 2.5 – 6.5 long including petiole, densely tormentose, deeply pinnasect with 5-7 pairs of linear-lanceolate segments, entire or with a few teeth, terminal segment linear or lanceolate. Capitula solitary, involucra hemispherical, 8-9 mm long, 12-14 mm wide with bract in 2 series, lanceolate, acute, densely tomentose, flowers white or pink


over the red soil, on the plateau of one of the most beautiful volcanos in North patagonia, these delicate white lines.



Leucheria-candidissima-patagonia-wildflowers Leucheria-candidissima-patagonia-wildflowers


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