SEEDS | maturing in spring light

these photographs, are one of the favs. Was a sunny day, plus the light the snow reflected.

so, araucarias details were so clear. Belong to my previous blog, but i like them so much that decided to share them again. Was the year we had extraordinary masting. The more important in 30 years, sayed the experts of our Lanin National Park

Springtime, dump snow, strong lights, warm.

Everything begins again. is time to the first scoutings for flowers above the timberline. 

And to enjoy seen the Araucarias canopy so near, full of seeds…

I can’t wait

interested in our Araucarias, you can read these articles 

Araucaria araucana temporal and spatial seedling establishment patterns: masting, seed
predation and understory vegetation effects

Seed germination of Araucaria Araucana from the North-Patagonian xeric forest

María A. Duplancic1


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