RANUNCULACEAE | Ranunculus semiverticillatus, la Flor de Seda

ranunculus-semiverticillatus-patagonia-wildflowers Rizomatous herbaceous perennial with reddish-purple stems, 5- 20 cm high. Leaves to
7 cm across, fleshy, glabrous, divided, forming many, narrow, acute lobes. glaucous-green to reddish-purple.

Flowers silky white, occasionally pink,usually solitary, large, 3-5 cm  across on short peduncles, 3 cm long; 5 sepals;10-20 tepals; 50-65 stamens;50-65 pistils.*

Flowerinranunculus-semiverticillatus-patagonia-wildflowersg in september, to January, are one of the first flowers you can find when the snow dissapear, growin in very steepe areas near the summits, as this beauty that was photographed in Cerro Bandera, Moquehue.





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