IRIDACEAE | olsynium & sisirynchium against you


May be you have a wrong idea about botanical guides

May be something like.. incredible, elegant, full of glamour and style, funny, gorgeous and exceptionally amazing image , envied by the mountain guides (also the birdwatching guides)…


but just one simple thing can to it knocked down…

santa cruz
you cant feel it but there’s so much air in movement in this photograph

the southern winds.

Olsynium biflorum
sometimes you have to bother the plant 😦

Any guide as I did, can stay more than several minutes without sunglasses and gloves, trying to focus a beauty that never stop its neverending shift . Never.

And all your glamour ends when your tears are fallen, cause the the wind is so strong and cold and must see the focus and composition of your perfect photograph. Your nose is getting humid, you’re crying in front of the flower. lying on the dusty ground. For people who dont know about your work…can be an absolute unexplainable scene.  And as I sayed, all the elegance finished.

Also the battery of your camera of course ! you were several minutes with the lens moving as the flower, cant think it would last all day!

Your glamourous image as  botanical guide can became a miserable in question of minutes.

As I sayed, the formula you that you must avoid in front of other persons to keep it safe  is  Iridaceae + southern wind . The result you know, don’t have to say it again, is  the end your elegance.

…anyway we have these photographs here( luckyly nobody was around) let’s see:







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