ARAUCARIACEAE | canopy design for our north patagonia forests

Our mixed forests or pure, near the steppe areas.

in Moquehue you can see  Nothofagus ( N. pumilio, N. dombeyii, N. antarctica and N. obliqua)sharing the areas from the bottom of the valleys to the timberline in 1700m in the mountains that sorround the valleys.

must come to see them



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  1. Amazing photographs, what a magical place!

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    1. amulei says:

      You’re welcome! thank you so much. must come to walk in these forest cause the pics can show just a few. our north patagonia is incredible, that’s why we love it so much ! 🙂


      1. amulei says:

        thanks! the grases are perfect, growing in the steppe, moved by the intense wind or patagonia, like golden waves.
        that’s the spirit of our land, a neverending horizon
        must come!


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