UNFORGOTTEN | renovated discovering

araucaria araucana forest in winter

The snow falls slowly. Invoke the silent in the Araucaria forest .

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA when is so much on them, the branchs move .
Strong triangular leaves. Snow slides perfectly.
Thousands of years of evolution, in every leaf and branch, and the snow in a sideslip transforms in a white spray and each branch back into place.


Snow falls slow

Searching. Survive. The cold. The icy beauty of an unchanging glow, the forest becomes a black and white image. A countless winters forest.

araucaria araucana forest in winterA memory from the past, when the inhabitants of the pehuenales * walked through them with their  maullos, built with reeds and leather belts.

There were no borders, only the forest and mountains. The snow hiding all under the white.

Snow falls slowly.
Walk. staring at that white. is to evoke that seach … food, shelter, discover?

In snowy areas of our planet, or in the circumpolar region, its inhabitants can’t  resist the urge for discovering. No, it’s not only the search for food.

The impulse pushes out into the snow. To the unknown. And leave behind the comfortable warmth of the shelter.

The snow, the snow like a feather falls slower.
Crystals of perfect geometry. The eyes became perfect for a second.

It’s the thrill of the perfect beauty. The eyes shine.
Happens again.
Forget the cold.
Forget the shelter.
The only attention is on what we see.
The forest. silence.
the renewed pulsion to discover is what push us again.



*pehuenales | in mapudungun, the native language, Araucaria araucana is called Pehuen , and pehuenales is a A. araucana forest

* maullos | snowshoes made with branches (Chusquea culeou) and leather belts, braided around the branches, also to tight them to the foot


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