OURISIAS | colour + perfume in high mountain

Ourisia ruelloides
Ourisia ruelloides

Ourisias seem to have the colour in waterfalls.

Ourisia ruelloides, seems the owner of the most intense reddish spots, always growing near the cold spray the watercourses share with the stones around. There’s so much water whan the spring began.

The same for O. microphylla, and O. pygmaea. Always near the water.

Ourisia alpina prefers the humid areas of the praires around, always upper 1700m  where the treeline finish and the grasses and alpines have their space. Nothing so beautiful as see them sharing the scree with Chloraeas, Calceolarias, Violas,  Perezias and grasses.

But there’s one wich always grow in the  fissures of  summits stones. But you can guess them from so many metres far.

The perfume of O. fragans.  A gift in the summits wind of patagonia.


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