RIO NEGRO OUR NEWSPAPER | publication abour “the road of the flowers”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAVery happy. It’s not easy to develop an touristic activy, not well known here in patagonia as many could think.

And these things, like a publication who reach so many people in north patagonia help so much,

First i must thank one of the most important newspaper in patagonia, Rio Negro, Specially to Javier Avena who always find the way to share the information in an interesting way to the non-botany expert, and invite to the action through new activities in patagonia.

Also have to thank Corporacion Interestadual Pulmari, and the people who work there, always help and believe in the work i’m doing these years since i began to walk as trekking guide in that area.

And very special thanks to my teacher, Marcela Ferreyra,  one of the persons who knows more about our flora, and shares it with us.  And my friends, they always where there, giving the wisdom i needed to go on in a work  not so much people believe in. And my two daughters, who shared the learning with me.

And of course, my clients- friends, as so many became after sharing walks in the mountains of our beloved patagonia



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