STAGES |flowers & places from patagonia

Llaima volcano from Moquehue mountains
Llaima volcano from Moquehue mountains

well, it began in twitter, was something like: the flowers, are so beautiful, but …we can not forget about the places where they were photographed.

A simple definition about  landscape says that is the result of the interrelationships of physical, biological and human phenomena that occur in a place or space from Earth, at a determined moment. it’s enough for any explanation as trekking guide.

Simple, of course we can find several definitions depending the point of view, economical, social, and others.

But for this moment as we know, our flowers, are components, and have the relationship with the environment they grow (in other post we’ll talk about plants + place, joined as the same thing). but the most important objective is to share these stages, trying to find the still invisible conditions that make our flowers that perfect model of colour and forms.

i can’t remember what my neighbour sayed moments ago, but i remember the place of each flower photo, where I’ve find it. So, the place is 50% of that flower, may be just a pic can’t say enough.

This is the reason why this section began today, also in twitter


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