STEPPE FLORA | or the strange habits of botanical photographers


calandrinia affinis in the steppe

-Stop! I’ll stay here , I ask the driver. And all turned around looking at me with a puzzled look … “we are in the middle of nowhere” i guess they thought.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“I do not care , mmm the backpack and… my sleepingbag, yes, and some food” I thought at the same time. Have all i needed, could spend the night in the steppe if was neccesary .

The driver looks at me … not sure if I heard properly, or if he was thinking … “yes, i was told she was a bit freak “.

-How could i leave you here? Says , looking around. -In the middle of nowhere!

– I saw some plants and they’re full of flowers so I have to take some pictures, leave me here, you can go no problem! . sayed to him with a smile for all the faces were looking also. It’s a more than suitable explanation , but incomprehensible for ones who think that the steppe is a dessert. while i was preparing the stuff to run stright to the flowers. And arriving to the the place i was going early, takes the third or fourth place in the objectives of my day.

They didn’t leave me.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA me + dusty groundDecided to wait till i finished the pics. May be a bit of kindness and a little of curiosity.

To finish the scene , the ritual of photographing plants : to the ground with the camera ” absolutely necessary for a good focus and composition . but inexplicable to those who see you do not know if you belong to a new religious belief, are feeling sick, or something when you are lying on the dusty ground in the middle of the steppe.
That’s why i have pictures of me taking pictures of plants.
There,  white patches of  Calandrinias . and Oxalis and before a Junellias . ( if I should have to spend the night in this unexpected way in the middle of the steppee does not matter, anyway these flowers worth the effort , and also knew it wasn’t a rain, ). They were so big and colorful thay you can see them seen from the road!

The best part, always, like in my trekkings around the place i live, is when people start to get interested in something, till that moment.was not important. The trip continued with questions about plants, and biodiversity of the steppe.

Finally i’ve shared the flowers by e-mail, everybody asked!





3 Comments Add yours

  1. lemanshots says:

    Beautiful pictures! 🙂


    1. amulei says:

      thanks! our flora, in the steppe areas are, similar to all the semi-dessert places, wonderfull in bloom . so much colour you see. 🙂


  2. Cliff Booker says:

    A fellow ground hugger, I have spent the past thirty years on my hands and knees or contorted around a rock or boulder, just to get the right angle for a flower, a butterfly, a new species in a landscape, a glimpse of a natural world that others pass by.


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