GUIDES & PHOTOGRAPHY | i see is we see

moquehue alumine lakes under the morning sun

Go into the unknown in our environment is natural and unavoidable.. It’s in our genes.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere is always the desire to discover new geographic areas and all what we can see there . Just see that .

Knowing about that place, what can be seen, and understand the point we’re within the system around us.

caviahue tromen volcanonorth patagoniaWhen we walk in the woods, or in any edge, or skii to the bottom of the valley, is just to see .


When you see, and that is not enough, photography begins . What would be the sense if it only could keep that in the eyes? no one else could know if it’s not shared.


Then I see, is we see.
For a trekking guide , photography is a partial record , but  necessary, about  what happens in the infinite system called landscape.


The guides find  so much charm in the landscape, a system that works so well, and is so perfect, that we can not avoid trying to tell that in a photograph.

cerro torre lagoonWhen is not enough to tell in photograph,  we took others to assist,  each may have something else to tell: the detail they enjoyed more, that picture means many things. and so much
There’s so much … one person could not do all. And so it begins …

top › north Illinizas, Ecuador, morning sun over Moquehue and Alumine lakes, Neuquen | middle ›  waterfall in Caviahue, Tromen volcano, northern landscape, all in Neuquen province | bottom › laguna del cerro Torre, Santa Cruz



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