BOTANICAL TRIPS | discovering perfection in wild colours

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAcacti photographer in the steppePatagonia is a concept of unity. We all know what we mean when we define those 8000000 km2. 

This unit is composed of infinite differences in all its extension.

The first images that appear in your mind are mountains, lakes, forests, snow and the endless steppe.

Associated with these images active tourism connects travelers with the landscape : walk in their
mountains , relax on the beaches of lakes , skiing , paddling rivers .
But some people travel from far away , from many parts of the world to see what you can’t see
common touristic advertising of Patagonia : Its flowers .


Travel to remotest places to see flowers. May be following the footsteps of times the first botanists  when  Patagonia was inaccessible, the unknown. May be going by their trails, the places they went. Time passed by, but luckly not so much things changed in the mountains areas.

Oxalis adenophylla in Monte zeballos OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Gavilea patagonica

See those flowers you saw in a book, which only grow in places that have certain conditions.

Understand why they grow there, and how that ecosystem works and they’re adapted to these
extremes of temperature , sun , wind , snow and ice.
Discover, see, smell , photograph . Meet . Enjoying the surprise  of the findings in the crevices of the rocks summit , or in high mountain wetlands.
When we feel the perfume nearby , after we climbed a mountain to see them.

Look at the details of those intense , functional colors. Every detail has a function in the flowers that grow between snow and sun . There is a human sense of beauty in every detail , we cant avoid seen them as beauty, although they don’t care about our opinion

Are more than all that, the things wich can’t be sayed in words are the enough reasons to plan a journey to see flowers. Is discovering perfection in that wild colours.

top› lakes in Santa Cruz | middle › cacti photographer in the steppe & Oxalis adenophylla, Calceolaria uniflora, Gavilea patagonica | bottom › Chloraea maguellanica, Oxalis enneaphylla, Oreopulus glacialis, Junellia micrantha, Loasa argentina, Gavilea glandulifera


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