Patagonia Andean Forest | a forest line over the south mountains

nothofagus puminlio leaves in autumn

This phytogeographic province, with all its characteristic vegetation is part of the geographic Patagonia, is a longitudinal irregular line approximately 2000 km, that runs through the foothills of the southern mountain range from north to south, in some sectors disappears, and in others the maximum amplitude is 75 km.

nothofagus forests in autumn
In all trekkings we cross a section of Andean forest, so I always turn to a simple and memorable graphic on the path with the poles to show it …something this way …

andean forest distribution drawIn the Phytogeographical Pehuen district nothofagus obliqua(where the
last Araucaria araucana grows)  appears as isolated patches in the north of the Alumine lake, till the
Epulauquen areas,  where we can find the beautiful Nothofagus obliqua. From the south of Alumine  and Moquehue lakes  this green line is done
continuously to reach Tierra del Fuego, the
southernmost tip, where the timberline is approx at 500 meters.
But in our district reaches 1700-1800 m. as we can see in the photo of this valley called Mallin blanco, from semidesert near of 1900 metres height; below this, the treeline at this high,

in autumn colours,  its something we can’t explain in word… you must came to see it.



top › N. antarctica in autumn colours | bottom › valley near moquehue, behind the Lanin volcano | left  › N.pumilio & N.obliqua

a valley near moquehue


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